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By bossnya - May 06, 2013

I/O Denim First Edition Premium Jeans: Smartphone Fashion

We've seen the internet enable a lot of great projects. And we've seen the fashion world make waves on a variety of social media platforms. But we haven't seen anything like today's project, a successful Kickstarter that combined fashion and technology in an interesting way, solving a first-world problem.
I/O Denim reached their funding goal late last year, thanks to 65 backers- it doesn't take much to make a new company a reality! And thanks to that success, their excellent I/O Denim First Edition Premium Jeans  can now be purchased online by the masses. The idea is pretty simple- add a deep, specific-use third pocket, a patent-pending slot that they call the I/O Pocket that lives a bit further down your leg on the left-hand side. Made to house your smartphone, it eliminates that unsightly bulge- the one you've likely faced if you've tried to fit an iPhone 5 or most any phone in your skinny jeans.
And that's most of you- so do yourself a favor, and do your part against bulges- I/O Denim jeans are available for $115.

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