Slimming shoe styles

By bossnya - April 11, 2013

Slimming shoe styles: Wearing the right shoe style in the right way can make you look taller and slimmer in an instant. Tracy Gold gives us the top shoe trends and how to wear them for a slimmer you.

1.    Wear them nude.  A nude shoe or boot lengthens your leg as it looks like an extension of your leg.   Wear nude ankle boots with a short dress or skirt and flesh colour tights.  This will create an illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

2.    Wear the same colour boots and tights.  One long block of colour lengthens.  If you are wearing black ankle boots, then wear them with black tights to maintain the long line.  This can work well with any neutral colour you choose.  

3.    Make a statement.  If you have your eye on those gorgeous bright red boots, wear them with a short skirt or dress and tights in the same colour to give an illusion of length.  That way your eye catching boots won’t shorten your look.

4.    Paired with trousers:  If you wear bootleg or wideleg trousers, the length of the boots won’t matter.  If you opt to tuck skinny or straight leg trousers into ankle boots, select trousers and boots in a similar shade to create an illusion of length.  A boot style with a heel will also make a big difference to the overall look.

Tracy will help you refine your existing wardrobe by teaching you what works for you, what doesn't and why. She will also teach you her effective shopping techniques that will save you a fortune and keep you from making the same expensive fashion mistakes again.

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