Colorful Days Start from Matching Clothing Color

By bossnya - March 06, 2012

hat is your favorite color?

What is your apparel color?

And one more question, how to match clothing color?

Sometimes your figure is really cool, but ho

w to match clothing color is really confusing. Here are some tips to you which may help you to figure out how to dress yourself up.

★Tips for Matching Clothing Color★

Color is just one way of expressing yourself in fashion. Dev

elop the ability to make a fashion statement just by understanding the color wheel. Understand the meaning of words, such as complimentary, triad, and m

1. Monochromatic Colors

Match like with like. Monochromatic colors are different shades of a single color or hue. For example, matching a light blue with a dark blue. This is a simple and safe way to color match. Monochromatic. Learn to choose the most flattering colors for your own skin tone~

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